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Innovative Manual Log Splitter - Discover INNOVATION Now! An innovative Slide hammer Wood splitter
SPLITZ-ALL wood splitting

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Yeni nesil balta

Publiée par sur Dimanche 14 janvier 2018

Please find SPLITZ-ALL and SPLITZ-ASSIST tools : revolutionary cutting tool to split wood :

"The Splitz-All wood splitter was created with safety in mind, but then once the prototype was complete and we started using it for our personal needs we realized so many more benefits comes from using it rather than other methods of splitting wood.  Traditional ax and maul swinging methods requires a large open area to accomplish the task of splitting wood, but with the Splitz-All wood splitter all that is needed is a area just slightly larger than the logs you are splitting and open space above.  It also leave a much cleaner work space when finished.  

I like using the Splitz-All with the Splitz-Assist (chain and bungee) to drastically reduce the amount of bending and lifting, saving my back from pain and strain.

Those are just a few of the many benefits that I have found.  I hope you find some of your own benefits to using the Splitz-all. 

We started out just making tools for ourselves for our own personal use, but then others showed interest in what we were doing and requested ones for themselves as well.  We have found the Slide hammer mechanism to be quite handy in so many areas.  We went from portable grazing our horses and goats to land anchoring our dogs and boats,  then winch anchoring our 4 wheeler out of the mud and then realizing it would make a good wood splitting tool as well.   We have been excited to see the growth and interest from others in our products.  It brings us joy to make tools that make life easier for others.

You'll get a good work out and split lots of wood by using both an ax/maul or the Splitz-All. Some may be very proficient in splitting with a maul, because they have practiced, they know what they are doing, so they can do it fast.  I'm sure given the same amount of time and practice with the Splitz-All they would have the same results.  There are, however, risks involved in splitting with a maul as opposed with splitting with the Splitz-All.  With the Ax/maul you are twisting, using one side of your back, arms, shoulders, unless you mindfully split using both sides, but even that, getting an even workout can be difficult.  I've had clients call with shoulder damage from swinging the ax, back problems from continual bending.  The Splitz-All reduces the amount of bending, no twisting, gives you a great even upper body workout, (no Gym membership required) no missing (you will hit the same place twice, making it effective that way too), and eliminates the dangerous accidents from swing the ax/maul.  The Splitz-All may or may not be faster, but it is definitely safer and reduces long term damage to your body.

Benefits to the Splitz all.
        -No "launching the wedge into the neighbors yard like a missile" Comment on facebook
        -No missing the log in a wild swing (potential medical emergency)
        -No twisting (causing damage to back and shoulders)           
        -No flying logs as they split in two
        -Dramatically reduced bending to prevent back injuries
        -Reduces long term damage to the body that traditional ways of splitting may cause

All in one tool
-Avoid purchasing multiple  axes, mauls, sledge hammer, wedges  and handles, because of overreaching and shattering the handle
-Avoid carrying the armful of tools (listed above) when splitting at different locations and then realizing you forgot one when you get there
-One tool that can do the job of all of these listed above
-One tool to carry
-One tool to maintain and care for
-One tool to keep track of

-More effective wood splitting system*...Set up, Split, Gather
-No adjusting the log or moving to get the right angle to split
-No repetitive bending to adjust or pick up logs.
-You have full control of log sizes
-I guarantee you will hit the same place twice
-Smaller and Cleaner workspace.

Balanced Body Workout
-No Twisting, and throwing your back out
-Each side of your body gets equal use
-It's more like a gym workout, without the membership fees

Self Sufficient
-No fuel, no Electricity, no motors to maintain or repair
-It works as hard as you do

Wood splitting System
1/Set up
-Place log in desired location          
-Wrap Splitz-Assist around the log.
-Set Splitz-All on to the log, lift slide hammer, hammer downward and repeat until log is split
-No bending
-Split as big or as small of piece as you prefer
-As the log is already bundled in the Splitz-Assist, bend, pick up the handle of the Splitz-Assist and carry to log pile
NO continual bending to pick up each piece

Owner and manufacturer - direct sales worldwide :

1342 W Industrial Rd
Building C
Cedar City, UT 84721
United States (USA)

tel : +1-435-414-0245 We have wordlwide customers.

Let's discover the process "How to split wood safely with SPLITZ-ALL" on the video :


Splitz-All by Good N Useful Supply is a manual log splitter. It is safer and faster than using an ax.

Publiée par HYGO sur Saturday 16 june 2018

Splitting wood, like butter!

Splitting wood, like butter!

Publiée par Genius Club Tuesday 29 may 2018

I got my husband the large Splitz all for Christmas. Second guessed myself, because it's a tool. He LOVES it! Split...

Publiée par Theresa Jewell sur Mercredi 27 décembre 2017

Wood Splitter Is In-Tree-Guing

This wood splitter is tree-mendous! 🌳

Publiée par UNILAD Tech sur Jeudi 5 avril 2018

Ep. 38 - WOOD you believe this invention!? It's amazing!

This cuts through wood like butter ✂️ via Good N Useful Supply

Publiée par Genius Inventions Thursday 13 septembre 2018


オノが無くても簡単にまきを真っ二つにできる!! 詳しくはこちら👉 出典: Good N Useful Supply

Publiée par bouncy / バウンシー Saturday 1 septembre 2018

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